Friendship Tattoos – Should You or Shouldn’t You?

June 3rd, 2009

Friendship TattoosHi it’s Raven here,

If you are looking for the best place to get friendship tattoos, then I’m glad you found this website and I strongly suggest you keep reading…

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Thought I’d share my *uncensored* search for friendship tattoos story with all of you:

The ups, the downs, all the stuff I tried – what didn’t work and finally the one friendship tattoos site that did…

My story of when I first wanted some cool tattoos started back in High School…

I was really shy, about as far away from a “popular girl” as you could get, none of the boys liked me and generally I just felt like crap. I figured that my appearance was the problem and so I set out to do something about it.

But what could I do? I thought I was pretty easy to get along with and was fairly pretty. Being I lived on the glamorous West Coast, I needed to stand out from the crowd.Tried it (fitting in) and hated it. Instead I wanted something that was an extension of my personality. Yep, I wanted to be me and still be accepted with the “in-crowd.” I didn’t want to be Ms. America here…

So, I decided I wanted to get a friendship tattoo with my best friends Anna. I wanted to be inked. I spent many months searching for friendship tattoos and cool tattoo designs and failed with pretty much every attempt at finding something decent.

Now, I Am Sporting a Really Sweet Friendship Tattoo!

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Those tattoo pictures sucked, a cute tattoo from looking at an outdated tattoo gallery – Yeah right! And I didn’t have time to look through tons of pictures in a tattoo magazine either.

I tried those tattoo forums and exhibitions too. Yeah I know, BAD idea, guilty as charged. Anyway, once again no results. A quick note to anyone considering trying these alternate methods: Don’t. They’re awful, just wasted a lot of my time. Thank goodness I never settled on anything I wasn’t happy with just because I was getting frustrated.

I tried friends tattoo artists too. And believe it or not, I thought I was getting somewhere… kind of. You see, one of the main things preventing women from getting cute friendship tattoos, is that everyone has a totally different idea of what is beautiful for them. No matter much a friend raves about the work that their tattoo artist can do, what good is it if they don’t have the right tattoo design for me? Anyway, so back to the drawing board.

But all the searching for decent tattoo designs for women was too much for me. I can’t spend countless hours per day searching for tattoo ideas all around town or online and still not find what I’m looking for. I do have a life you know.

Anyway, I gave my friendship tattoos search up for quite a while, convinced that it was just a dream. Until one day after going to school I was talking to this girl I see there sometimes, Becky Johnson and I asked where she got her cool tattoo…

I mean, last time I saw her she didn’t have one. Long story short and a 1 hour conversation later she told about this friendship tattoos place on the internet.

It’s called Tattoo Me Now, so I figured I might as well check it out and man am I glad I did. It didn’t work quite as well as it was advertised on the site but within days my head was swimming with unique tattoo designs… And I’d hardly broken a sweat

One week later and I was the proud owner of my first friendship tattoo.

So if you’re looking for quality friendship tattoos, then I recommend you too check out the Tattoo Me Now program. I mean, it worked wonders for me.

Make sure to check out my other posts on how to get friendship tatoos while you’re here!

Thanks for reading,


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friendship tattoos Tattoo Designs

Should You Get a Friendship Tattoo?

June 2nd, 2009

Friendship TattoosA lot of you are here because you are looking for tattoo ideas or tattoo design and are looking for solutions to endless online research.  I too started looking for ways to not only find friendship tattoos but to do something positive in the way of helping out my inked sisters and brothers. This is when I learned about using Tattoo Me Now to find better tattoo design.

The tattoo art I found on the site was actually quite easy to navigate through once I learned the proper way to do it. The best thing about doing it, is that it is very user friendly and you feel good about finally finding a one stop shop. And boy, do you get a HUGE tattoo gallery! My mind was literally swimming with ideas!

Here is a little about the program that I will introduce to you later to help you find friendship tattoos:

Tattoo Me Now teaches it’s clients how to find awesome tattoo designs and become an expert in tattoo design instead of wasting your time looking through all those tattoo magazines. Tattoos are hot right now and people are looking for the best bang for their buck. I mean tattoos are something that you should be proud of right?

With Tattoo Me Now, you can be part of the “in crowd” by sporting the latest in tattoo gallery design.

Why Friendship Tattoos Are So Popular

May 29th, 2009

Hello I’m Raven,

First things first, thanks for checking out my new website dedicated to Friendship Tattoos and Tattoo Me Now as the solution.  What you’ll find here is how being informed about where to find excellent tattoo design is something that is necessary when looking for quality friendship tattoos online.  Discover how you,  just like me,  will be pleasantly surprised at what I have found!

It’s launching in a couple of days and this is one of many posts. Keep checking back for more news on the Friendship Tattoos website.